Thursday, 11 April 2013

MS1 Task

Sex and the city 2
Visual codes – the visual codes of this poster is that it is very glamorous, the women in this poster look posh/high class as the dresses that they are wearing look expensive and fashionable. The way that there are stud makes it look like they are happy and vibrant. The colours in the background make the main characters stand out away from the background. The main picture is taken in a bright light. The writing on the cover is also important because the style of the font and the colours used in the font give you the idea that this film is going to be glamorous. The font style looks a lot like the font that advertises a play.
Layout and Design - the layout is common in posters and DVD covers. There are the actors and actresses names at the top and then there is the name of the film nearer to the bottom of the page and then there is a big picture in the middle that takes most of your attention. This image is normally a picture taken out of the film of an image of the main characters. Then below the name of the film there is information on the makers of the film and when the film is being released.
Genre conventions – this film is a romantic comedy and the genre conventions of a RomCom are that it is mainly aimed at women from the are of 15 – 40 this means that the film poster is going to be aimed at this audience as well and that is quite obvious as women are commonly known to enjoy fashion and the characters in the poster look like they are in designer dresses. The typography in this poster make the poster look glamorous, which the genre that the poster is aimed would enjoy.
The visual codes of the A-team poster are that the poster is an action film, the men look as if they are ready for a fight, and they also look very rouged. The clothing that they are wearing gives the impression that they are professionals at what they do. The way that they are stud and the posture of the men in the poster makes it look like they are confidant and in some senses angry (Mr T having a clenched fist). The background of the poster backs up the idea of it being an action film as it looks a lot like a battle field. The typography of this poster looks much militarised. I came to this conclusion because the ‘A-team’ writing is made out of metal that reminds me of the metal that make dog tags. There are also bullet holes in the word ‘A-team’.
The layout of this poster focuses more on the characters more than the text. I think this is because the ‘A-team’ are such iconic people that almost anybody will know who they are just by looking at them and the use of this is shown really will in the layout and design of this poster. The tag-line also seems to have more of an importance then the name of the film, this is visible because the tag-line is at the top of the poster and the name is in the bottom left of the poster.
Genre conventions of this film poster are very strong as there are guns in the hands of two of the men on the poster. The faces of the characters also show that the film is an action film because all of the characters look serious and they look like they are on a mission. The background of the poster also shows that this is an action film because the image looks almost like a battle field.
A) I have chosen the A-team poster. One type of audience that would possible watch this film is fans of the A-team T.V show in the 80’s. Another audience that might watch the A-team are fans of the actors, for example Bradley Cooper is an actor that many women enjoy and they might watch the A-team because they want to watch Bradley Cooper’s new film.
B) I have chosen the A-team poster. The main audience are people that enjoy action film and this poster targets them well because the main characters are holding guns and lots of action fan enjoy seeing guns. Another good way that this poster targets the main audience is that they all have very serious expressions on there faces; this gives the audience the impression that they are all men that are on a mission.