Wednesday, 23 October 2013


In today’s lesson I watched 3 videos which discussed the research methods for our secondary research.
Firstly the video discussed the ways that we can use the internet. It told us the that when you look something up on Google you should know what you are looking for and use advanced Google search and if you Google Site: then add the website you are looking at then Google will look at the entire site and find what you are looking for.
Secondly it told use about the academic textbooks. It told us that we don’t need to read the full textbook but if we search for what we are looking for in the contents and index pages. The video told us that there are established ideas and theories which are reviewed by a board and given credibility.
Thirdly the videos discussed the scholarly journal article. The video told us that these are credible and they are published on regular bases. They are also found quite easily on Google scholar which is a database that has thousands of different articles.
After this it talked about the Newspapers and Magazines. The video told us that the newspapers and magazines keep with trend but they may bias and prejudice to a point of view.
The penultimate point that the video discuss is the ways that we can us Television and Documentaries. It told us that theses can be used as first hand quotes and that they are edited to fit a point of view and a good place to find them is on Google video, BBC iplayer, youtube and DVD extras.
Finally the video told us about the ways we can use social networking. It told use that Twitter is a good way to get quick responses if the resources are reliable. Facebook is a easy way to get primary research. Blogs are a good way to find articles but all of these are not seen a reliable research

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