Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Analysing the title sequence and the product company sequence

Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows

The title sequence is at the end of the trailer and the sequence starts off as the letter of the names come together and join together in a mechanical but yet old fashioned way.

Then the letters come together to make the words Sherlock Holmes then ‘a Game of Shadows’ drops down from the bottom of the other words. I think that this title sequence is really good because it gives you the sense that is a period crime thriller. It does this by using the mechanical sequence and also the colours that are used in the sequence are a dark blue/green which gives the trailer a sense of mystery.

The product company sequence starts off with the Warner Bros. logo but this logo has also got a feeling that is a period crime thriller. It also uses the same colour scheme throughout the trailer.  

Then there is a very slick animation of the cross hears folder and then the Village Roadshow logo came up.

This animation happens again and the Silver Pictures logo comes up.


The first thing you see in the trailer is the product company sequence which is just the New Line Cinema logo fading in and then fading out. the New Line Cinema logo is a very simple but iconic, it is just a blue background with a black square and the two film reals on the square.

The title sequence off the se7en trailer is also quite simple it is just the number 7 in roman numerals in a font that looks like blood. Then the work seven fades into the image underneath the roman numerals.  

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